A comparative study of the validity of the understanding of the Salaf based on the view of virtue and justice of the Companions in the commentators of Fariqin

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1 University of Qom

2 Associate Professor of Qom University



In the mentioned research, the examination of the understanding of the predecessors based on the virtues and justice of all the companions was proposed, there is an opinion that all the companions of the Prophet have virtues and justice, therefore the understanding of the predecessors has authority over the successors, Sunni commentators have cited various verses of the Qur'an. but in the interpretations of Shia, this view is not absolute, the opinion of the Sunnis is not correct based on the Qur'an because some Companions have been condemned, and in the Qur'an, the word fasq, hypocrite, trickster is used about some Companions in the verses of the Book of Revelation, on the one hand And the point of view of the Shia scholars and some of the Sunni scholars regarding the weakness of the faith and belief of some of those Companions, on the other hand, indicates the invalidity of the justice and virtue of all the Companions, is one of the cases that have been investigated and it has been concluded that the theory of correctness and promise What is correct and balanced is that some of the Companions who have been steadfast in their faith and companionship with the Prophet even after the Prophet's death are just and virtuous,


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