A critical comparative study of Zamakhshari's point of view in Muzammal semantics

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1 Department of Quranic and Hadith Sciences Dar al-Hadith University, Qom, Iran

2 Quran and Hadith University, qom, iran



Mahmoud bin Umar Zamakhshari in "Al-Kashaf", for the verse "Ya Iha al-Muzmal", in the position of expressing the meaning of the article "zaml", he mentioned the two meanings of "covering" and "carrying" and then the three meanings of descent " The rebuke of the Prophet by God due to his laziness in worship", "the praise of the Prophet by God due to his praying in Aisha's tent" and "the Prophet's request for covering from Khadijah at the beginning of the revelation" have been mentioned. The three derivations, which originate from the meaning of "covering", have supporters and opponents among sunni commentators. This research, with a comparative-critical method, by examining dictionaries and considering the results of interpretations arising from each meaning, did not find all three interpretations of these descents acceptable for historical and religious reasons; Also, in choosing the preferred meaning among the eleven meanings mentioned by the linguists, he considered "carrying" suitable for reasons such as originality and prevalence, interpretive support, and concordance with the Qur'an's praise speeches about the Messenger of God, compared to other meanings.


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