The verse of Tabla (Baqarah/124) and the traces of the issue of Imamate in ancient Shia interpretations

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فلسفه غرب / دانشگاه مفید / قم / ایران



In order to prove the issue of Imamate and succession of the Prophet (PBUH), theological and historical reasons as well as the verses of the Holy Qur'an such as verse 124 of Surah Al-Baqarah, i.e. the verse of the affliction of Abraham (PBUH) are referred to. Therefore, in order to discuss and review the significance of the verse of ``Tabale'' in the issues of Imamate, it is necessary to clarify in advance whether the explanation of the concept of Imamate through the Qur'anic verses with previous coordinates is at the beginning of Islam or this Quranic explanation, with newly created coordinates and concepts, is will take In the upcoming research, according to the following questions: under the verse of Abraham's affliction, what have the advanced and ancient Shia commentators mentioned? Are the interpretations of the following verse about the issue of imamate in today's common sense and do they support this issue?"; The ancient Shiite interpretations under the verse of the affliction of Abraham have been investigated. In this research, it became clear that the advanced Shiite commentators did not take the verse of Abraham's affliction as a proof of the existence of the issue of Imamate, at least until the fourth century. And they have not referred to this verse in the issue of special Imamate


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