Comparative of Fakhr and Alousi's point of view on the verses of news attributes

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1 Member of scientific board of sistan and Balouchestan University

2 Faculty of Quranic Sciences and Tradition. Seminary. Sistan and balouchestan university. Zahedan. Iran



The similarity of Fakhrazi's theological views in the interpretation of "Mufatih al-Ghayb" and Alosi in the commentary of "Ruh al-Ma'ani" has led some researchers to consider "Ruh al-Ma'ani" the second version of "Mufatih al-Ghaib". The purpose of this research is to measure and evaluate the views of two scientists on the issue of interpretation and delegation of news attributes, which was done by analytical-descriptive method with a comparative approach. Findings and results show that Razi's words are different in this matter.; Sometimes he likes delegation combined with taweel, sometimes he rejects taweel, in some cases he condemns taweel while accepting the obligation of taweel .From his point of view, the permission of interpretation is the ruling of the intellect in the case where the intellect does not accept the literal meaning of the Qur'anic word Alousi is not subject to Fakhr in this matter, he is more inclined to the Sufis in his method and prefers the side of delegation, he considers interpretation subject to the approval of the Salaf, harmony with the Arabic language and literature, and the necessity of dispelling doubt


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